10 Best iPhone applications

The iPhone can be very fun to use, but are you getting the most of it? There are many applications that can increase your iPhone fun and they are only a few button presses (or rather screen touches) away from being yours. The iPhone app store is something of a tech-geek’s candy store and most people can get lost in it, so what would it be like if you knew what the best iPhone apps are, so that you can go straight to the source? Here are a few ideas to get you well on your way to iPhone app heaven:

There are apps for every individual taste, but some will appeal to everybody, like, for instance, iDoodle.


Everyone doodles to waste time, to de-stress or simply because they feel like it, and now your iPhone can give you the perfect environment to do so.

Calorie Counter

For the calorie conscious, you have the Calorie Counter, which lets you calculate the exact number of calories you’ve had in a day, the amount of calories you need in a day, and the number of calories you should have if you’re trying to lose or gain weight. Pretty nifty, isn’t it?


For the price conscious, the BarCheck application can represent the answer to their every question. If you want to buy something and are wondering if you couldn’t get a better deal someplace else, you can insert the bar code number of the item you are looking to buy into your iPhone and find out the price for that same item in various online stores, including Amazon.

Can I Drive Yet?

For the partying crowd, the answer to the question: Can I Drive Yet? also finds and answer in their iPhone. Insert the number and type of drinks, your age, height and weight into the iPhone and find out if you’re legally allowed to drive. This is a very good way to check if you’ve had one too many, or not.

Games: Sudoku, Castle Feud, SpeedType, Mines…

Do you like to play games on your phone? Game playing is made a lot easier, not to mention prettier with the iPhone, and you have a wide selection to choose from, such as Sudoku, Castle Feud (a multiplayer game that lets you disembody your opponents), SpeedType (which puts your typing speed to test), and Mines (which needs no further presentation). Of course, these are only a few of the games available for the iPhone, and it’s very likely that you will find something that fits your own preference, if the ones we listed don’t seem inviting enough.

iBay and Budget Buster

Are you a shopaholic? You can either stay in touch with any kind of eBay activity you might be interested in with the help of iBay, or you can stay in touch with reality with the help of Budget Buster, which helps you keep an eye on your expenses by day, week and month. If that’s not going to get you to tone down your expenses, nothing will.

These are just a few of the fun and interesting apps you can enjoy on your iPhone. Good luck making the most of your iPhone experience!

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