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How long are you using your iPhone: 5.5 months

iPhone model (3g,8Gb,16Gb…etc): Iphone 3G 16Gb

This is long but the short story is that you just don’t want this phone unless you can pay to replace it!

Yes, all of the cool things you hear about the Iphone 3G are true. All of the email sync problems are true as well. No you cant copy and paste cant do video blah blah blah. Fine. I can live with the good and bad of a product i research and choose to buy.

What I cannot live with (well I guess I have no choice) is what is clearly a scam. And if you own an Iphone you are likely a victim already. How does it work you ask?

Like this. On the outside of the phone is a moisture detector. Yes I know many companies have these now… just not physically on the outside of the phone. Now your phone breaks and you make you appointment to go to an Apple store after spending several hours talking with a tech, rebooting rebuilding, standing on your head blah blah blah. the Tech has told you to go to the store or exchange via mail. Mail is a 7-10 day process so I drove 60 miles to an Iphone store. Oh so polite they are… ist enough to creep you out (I just don’t buy that people are that happy… especially after I got finished they shouldn’t have been smiling, but I am getting ahead of myself). Well at first I am greeted handed off to an second person who takes me to my very own “genius” (being a professor I find that a very loose use of the term). The genius promptly gets my serial number then goes for the stethoscope, looks into the small slit behind the power/data port PCB and shakes his head. “sorry sir you have dropped this in or stilled water on your phone, this voids the warranty.”

Well after escalating the “I did not expose this to water” argument to a point where a customer had to remind me that his kids were in the store (that has never happened in my life) I finally left with my broken phone in hand and another 1 and a half hour drive home in front of me.

Needless to say I certainly did not spill or otherwise expose the phone to water in the 5.5 months I owned it. Quite frankly of all of the cell phones I have had in the 15-20 years I have been using cell phones, this is the one phone I took the greatest care of and yet it is the ONLY phone that has ever failed. As anyone who owns one will tell you, its just too cool to not be careful with. And to further drive the point home, I am a neuroscientist/electrophysiologist. For a living I work with very sensitive electronics that have to come into very close proximity to water and are so sensitive that I can frequently detect lightning strikes from approaching storms when they are 50 miles or more away. So I am fairly confident I know how to handle sensitive electronics; Just not the Iphone.

Subsequently I have completely taken the phone apart just to try to convince myself that I did somehow get it wet; there was no evidence of the phone ever having water on the inside. There was a lot of lint in the phone that I would imagine would have clotted up had it been submersed. I can tell you however that there are several moisture sensors in and on the external surface of the phone; at least 2 on the main board, two in the plug socket (1 external) and one in the headphone jack (also external) at the very bottom. only the one that was at the jack was red.

How could this happen? Simple; condensation. Put a cold phone into a warmer and even moderately humid environment and you will get condensation. This IMO is a clear scam on Apples part. They know these phones are going to fail, mine did in just over 5 months and there is no evidence that water had anything to do with it except a sensor that is directly exposed to the outside environment. I have now heard or read of several of these examples (I am sure you can find some on this site). I have had ATT tech support tell me that you should never take the phone into a bathroom or locker room and yes I have had ATT tech support tell me that he deals with more Iphone related complaints than any other phone “I deal with broken Iphones all day long.” Now of course the funny part of the story is that ATT cant even sell me a replacement Iphone because I haven’t owned it long enough to qualify for a contract renewal!

So after spending more time than the phone is worth, I will spend 300 dollars to get out of my contract with ATT and switch phone services; I will never own an Apple product again.

I sincerely hope that this helps you consider


  1. Claire from Monterey, CA says:

    I’ve been thinking of getting an iphone but after this review, I’m seriously rethinking it. I know 2 people who love their I phones and don’t have major problems with it besides syncing but I have one friend who has had lots of problems with his iphone. The Monterey Apple store is very helpful and will replace your phone. As i said, I’m going tro look into other phones. Thanks for the review! It was very helpful.

  2. Ellen Zaslaw says:

    Very good review. I’ve read so many horror stories about AT&T’s ignorance, arrogance, ghastly customer service, (or lack thereof), and also about these crummy phones and their poor connectivity around the globe, that I am definitely going with Verizon. (I use an Apple computer and haven’t had a lot of complaints, though I always pay for Apple Care), but this is where I get off. No iPhone for me. A ubiquitous thanks to all you who have reviewed AT&T and iPhone.

  3. kim says:

    You are not alone! I didn’t do anything unusual with my iphone 3g (16g). The camera feature stopped working a few weeks ago on it’s own. I didn’t drop it, absoulutely NOTHING! It just would’nt work period! I took it it yesterday here in New York (the long island store), and was told that the phone had an indicator (displaying a red color), indicating water damage! I have owned nokias and samsung phones and have never, NEVER, had water damage of any kind! I am very careful and have had this iphone in a ‘water proof, rubber case’ since the day I purchased it! After speaking to the manager and calling customer relations while in the store (I refuse to cough up $199 for a refurbished replaeement), the manager finally offered a refurbished one for free…I told him to hold the phone (I was there for a 8:00 p.m.appontment, and didn’t finish with this issue until 9:30 p.m.!)I wanted to come home and research this issue on the internet. I’m sorry to say that I feel many consumers have been ‘suckered’! Apparently, many of us that LIVE IN HUMID ENVIRONMENTS (I live in New York which humid in summer and winter months), have been sold a phone that is not fit for usage!!!! Apple Inc. is beginning to look like ENRON inc. to me! I may contact N.Y. state consumer’s affairs today about this issue with apple and this product!

  4. starion says:

    Wow, we were wondering about whether to consider an iphone & were toying with switching to AT&T for this purpose but this is very persuasive AGAINST iphones (even tho my buddy LOVES hers). Thanks for these helpful experiences! HI has awful humidity and I’m sure we will be accused of water damage too if the phones stop working.

  5. Monie says:

    Wow, I just brought the iphone and decided to look online for customer reviews. I know I should have did my research first, but everyone in my office raves about it. I have 5 days to return it and after reading these reviews, I’m strongly considering it.

  6. Mary says:

    I am very tempted by the iPhone, but after this particular review, I am going to consider something a lot less fragile. I live in the rain forest – always humid!
    Thanks for the info – I am shocked at Apple offering inferior quality.

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