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iPhone Batteries

Useally when the phone battery get weak you just open the back of the phone, remove the old one and get a new one. Well, this is not the case with iPhone. You have to take your iPhone to Apple dealer that will replace the beterry for you. And charge you quite a lot for […]

iPhone Video 2

There is no way to play a video clip on your iPhone. This complaint was already posted before. This is kind of undestandable if you know there is no way to record a video with your iPhone. The built in iPhone camera can only take pictures.

Only one iPhone carrier complaint

Apple decided to sell iPhones only through one carrier in US. AT&T Mobility is the exclusive carrier of the iPhone in the United States and will remain so until 2009 or later.

iPhone text editor and viewer

I might be complaining to much but there is no document editor or viewer on iPhone.

iPhone ringtones

The first thing people do when they buy a new phone is change their ringtone to express themselves, record a new one… Ever heard a cow ringtone, a child crying ringtone, a pick up ringtone,etc.. well, to bad iPhone has custom ringtones and you are stuck with the  alert tones that you have. Lots of complaints […]

iPhone email complaint

You ttok some pictures and you want to send them to your friends emails. Well, you will have to send them one by one since you can only send one picture at a time in an email.

iPhone web browser complaint

You can browse the web just like from your computer. But there are some limitations. There is no chance to highlight, cut, copy, or paste any text from a website you are just vistiong, there is also no way to save the images you found.

iPhone camera complaint

Apple and iPhone are known for being simple so anyone can use it. No fuss, no lines and lines of setting, you just press it and it works. But sometimes you do need a little bit more. iPhone camera has only one button – take a picture shutter.

How do I speed dial on iPhone?

You don’t. iPhone has no speed dial. You cant press and hold a button and call the person you saved under that button. There is a quick list alternative, but its not that fast.

iPhone voice dial

Click. Mom. Tuuu…tuuu. That is not possible if you own a iPhone. iPhone has no voice dialing. Now I don’t see people using this feature a lot but ist standard in today phones. You pres just one button, tell the name of the person you want to call and the phone calls it for you. If […]