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iPhone – To Buy or Not to Buy

DON’T buy one!!!!!!!! COnsider yourself warned…wish someone warned me…now I’m stuck with a $200 piece of junk that hasn’t worked right since the day I bought it.

10 Best iPhone applications

The iPhone can be very fun to use, but are you getting the most of it? There are many applications that can increase your iPhone fun and they are only a few button presses (or rather screen touches) away from being yours. The iPhone app store is something of a tech-geek’s candy store and most […]

Document Viewer For iPhone

There is no document viewer for iPhone installed on it. Although, your iPhone can read Microsoft Word documents and PDF documents if they are attached to your emails. Since the iPhone already has the capability to read .doc and .pdf documents it shouldn’t be to hard to write an application, a document viewer for iPhone […]

MMS iPhone Viewer

There is no MMS on iPhone, no MMS iPhone viewer. If you have to send a picture you have to use email, if someone sends you a MMS you get a link to view it in Safari. So how can you solve this? Well, there is an applications that works as a MMS iPhone viewer, […]

Speakerphone On iPhone

Does iPhone have a speakerphone? Yes! How Does speakerphone on iPhone work? First you need to press the green “Phone” key on the main screen of your iPhone and make a call. To activate the Speakerphone function on your iPhone you need to press the speakerphone button above the caller’s information. You can switch on […]

iPhone Crack Useless?

We are not sure this is 100% true but the word is that we might have been to early to be happy about the iPhone beeing unlocked. It can happen that all unlocked iPhones will become useless. Apple updates will turn unlocked iPhone into a useless unrepairable brick. We are not sure, but are there even […]

iPhone Complaints

It seems this site is not the only one complaining about the iPhone. Recently we found an interesting piece of statistics about searches related to iPhone. There are a few tools on the internet that give you a glimpes in what people are looking for using major search engines. If we try and find the […]

iPhone Price Drops, Steve Jobs Says Sorry

  Steve Jobs from Apple offered compensation to people that bought the iPhone for 500$ or 600$. Apple reduces the iPhone price for 200$ and caused rage between iPhone owners that paid the full pride for their phones. The new iPhone price for a 8Gb verison is now 399$ while the 4Gb version will not […]

10 Funniest iPhone Videos

Funniest iPhone Video: Steve Jobs Presents iRack Using iPhone and driving? Not a good idea! You just got your first 300 page AT&T iPhone bill I am Mac parody Are out of ideas what to do with your iPhone? How to stalk people using iPhone An Ex-Balckberry Fan Do not mess with Steve Jobs! Will […]

iPhone Crack

iPhone is cracked. iPhone crack was discovered and released by Jon Lech Johansen who successfully broken the activation code for AT&T in iTunes. If you ask me it was just a matter of trime :) it always happens. John who is also known as “DVD Jon” since he broke the encryption on DVDs has tricked […]