Everyone thinks it was a flop

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How long are you using your iPhone: a week

iPhone model (3g,8Gb,16Gb…etc): 4, 16 gb

First of all, the death grip problem has been grossly exaggerated since the release of iPhone 4. In Australia it wasn’t released till August and I didn’t get mine until the second last day of September, proving how popular they are. The area that I live in has poor reception to start with, but at most the reception is reduced by one bar when I hold the phone by the entire base. I’m in the city a lot of the time, so I often have full reception anyway. The screen on iPhone 4 is amazing. I found it hard to find wallpapers that weren’t the generic iPhone ones simply because the screen is so good. I can see every pixel on my computer screen now and it looks kind of imperfect. I would highly recommend a free app called Consume (it’s icon is a circle with a large blue piece and a smallish red piece and a black piece) as it caters for many carriers around the world (but especially US, Australia, etc.) and it monitors your usage very well, and at the same time can keep track of the points you’ve earned on club cards (eg. Flybuys). I’ve had my phone for a week and I don’t see myself getting tired of him any time soon. Great work Apple. Awesome product.

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