Get a reliable phone, don’t waste your money on this

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How long are you using your iPhone: 2 years

iPhone model (3g,8Gb,16Gb…etc): 3g

I have had this phone for 8 months now and I have to stick with it for the next year and 4 months. I am counting down until I can get rid of this mistake. The games are a lot of fun, but after 8 months, I still have never made a phone call that hasn’t been dropped. It’s not the carrier because it doesn’t happen to others that I know that have AT&T but not the iPhone. It happens to all of the iPhone users that I know. It is the most frustrating thing I have ever experienced. Sometimes it crashes, sometimes it just drops your call and won’t let you redial, it is random and irritating. Just get a reliable phone that you can use for its purpose-to talk to people- and get an iTouch for the fun of the games.

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