iphone 4s review

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How long are you using your iPhone: 1 year

iPhone model (3g,8Gb,16Gb…etc): iphone 3g

Read the reality:

Unreasonably highly priced
Poor battery life and performance
No oulets or showrooms even at Tier -1 cities
Maximum business is through online orders
Product replacement or warranty service is very worst as the orders for new phones is still pending in millions.
Iphone 4s and above doesnot support all the apps and features as the broadband in atleast 90% of the countries and sub-urban areas are either 2G or very poor 3G services
Too many days on delivery for online orders
Battery takes too much time to revitalize
Once the handset is deposited for repair, one should have an alternate handset
Usage ability is same as other premium class handsets
Much focused for gaming, fun and entertainment apps
Too much of life’s time is diverted towards idleness
Poor camera compared to price
Poor sound and speakers compared to price
The touch effect goes harder as the device gets older
Only countable popular apps
Devices with even more improved features comes with nearly half of the price of iphone4s
Compatible only with micro simcard
It is just a simple phone for users who travel regularly, due to change or reach of service providers.
Higher segment people at rural areas cannot use it, as no 3g network is available
Basically it is a good wireless network supported device and not a smartphone

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