iPhone and 10% restocking fee

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How long are you using your iPhone: 5 hours

Hello all,

I bought the 3G iPhone on Monday and returned it on Tuesday. Why??? Because it lasted a grand total of 5 hours before it began malfunctioning. Great piece of equipment, huh? Also, I was not impressed anyway. Need to wear a pair of binoculars to read the internet. When I went to AT&T to return this piece of garbage, I was told I had to pay a 10% restocking fee (a grand scam in and of itself). Obivously, I said that was not going to happen. The problem is, they already had my money and I had to fight tooth and nail to get it back.

First, I was told that this was “an Apple thing”. So I called Apple, they said their policy was to fully refund defective products. But of course, since it was bought at AT&T, it was AT&T’s responsibility to reimburse me the remaining $20.

So I call them. Only the great and powerful, yet quite elusive, Manager (This guy is tantamount to the Wizard of Oz, apparantely) could graciously grant me my $20. I was told he would be in meetings all the next day and I should expect a call from him perhaps the following day. Althougn I was not born yesterday, I allow two days to go by, no call, and finally I call the store. I speak with the girl who originally helped me, unlike everyone else involved in this story, she was very helpful. She said the Great and Poweful Manager was in and she would bring it up to him. Rest of story short, I will be getting my $20 credited on my next bill. But……..I should be very very appreciative for they will do it for me “this one time”. So nice of them to fully reimburse me the “restocking” fee on a broken piece of garbage that lasted a total of 5 hours.

My only question is, will they still restock this defective junk even though they are so graciously returning my money in full? HMMMMMMM?

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