iPhone Complaints

Since the launch of iPhone (and even before) there has been lots and lots of buzz surrounding the new Apple phone. Big expectations and hot discussions like always when it comes to Apple and Apple fans. High expectations and quite a high price left some people disappointed when they got their hands on their iPhones. So there was a flood of iPhone complaints regarding the new iPhone.

This site was first intended just for that – people posting their iPhone complaints. But we soon realized this was kind of to narrow so now you can read all kind of iPhone reviews. Positive reviews as well as negative iPhone complaints. The later are still in majority so if you are looking for iPhone complaints you came to the right site. Just go to the homepage of the site to read the reviews of iPhone or browse this site for some of the iPhone complaints we collected.

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  1. Patrick Castro, Portland, ore says:

    I am very disappointed in the 3g 16gb phone. I have the $399 8gb original Iphone which was much better than this piece of garbage! I can’t wait to get rid of it!

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