iphone has serious limitations

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How long are you using your iPhone: 1.5 months

iPhone model (3g,8Gb,16Gb…etc): 3g

The iphone has to be treated like a fragile delicate instrument. It needs to be kept in a strong shock resistant case that makes answering difficult. If you drop it on its face, it’s trash. If you lose all the info, you had better have the back up in your computer. If it crashes during an important call, or if you’re out on the road, tough luck, sucker. If you miss a dozen important business calls, tough luck sucker. You might re-boot the iphone by turning it off and holding the button on the face as wel as the button on the top, but this is rare info that won’t be told until you’ve missed vital business calls. It’s a gimmick phone that’s really a geeks techno indulgence, but tries to pretend it’s a working phone. Don’t buy an iphone if you work on building sites, in factories, or outdoors. The fragility of the iphone is the one detail nobody is talking about. It’s like carrying an uncooked egg in your pocket. The techno wonks love it, and will treat you like an idiot if you ask why it’s so unreliable, prone to crashing, has a battery that only lasts 12 hours max (!This is true) and has to be left alone after any function is used because if you bump it, when the face is active, the stupid thing will launch any app you’ve touched.It played a Beatles BBC program for minutes, and doesn’t have a simple “turn off” for the program playing. It’s so complicated the techno wonks will go all superior on you if you question them. It’s like the worst geek trendy hybrid ever invented. Like, if you don’t like the iphone, just go and slit your worthless throat, you loser. Don’t you know it’s the best thing ever? Are you a moron? Steve Jobs,and apple, kiss my app.

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  1. Lolmuffins says:

    What are your requirements for being a “techno wonk”?

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