iPhone is pretty good

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How long are you using your iPhone: 2 months

Hi guys,

Got my IPhone a couple of months ago and so far, its been pretty good. I cant speak for our american brothers and sisters but in the UK the IPhone has a few things that are annoying:
1. You cant send picture messages
2. You cant recieve picture messages( you have to go online….)
3. You cant forward tex messages (really annoying when u want your buddies to laugh at jokes…)
4. You cant connect your bluetooth to other phones (apart from hands free head sets
5. The camera is very poor, no zoom or features just basic point and click
6. Correcting your text documents can be tricky, no movement arrows, just a annoying, non accurate zoom thingy…

This does seem amazingly strange for such a high tech phone, and for Apple not to have these features on a phone is shocking to be honest.

My mates love the IPhone but laugh there heads off when i cant forward messages or view a picture of there drunk night out…. and i agree, that is shocking, COME ON APPLE, SOUGHT YOUR S**T OUT!!!

Apart from that, its pretty cool!!

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