Iphone is the best phone on the market!

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How long are you using your iPhone: 4 months

Iphone is the best phone on the market! I have ownes every phone out there ant the Iphone is the easiest and most advanced phone to date,” Period. There are no limits to what the iphone can do, being that you can access over a thousand applications on the web to use on your iphone. With the new update to be released in june, you will be able to have any program you want on your iphone. Name one other phone on the market today that you can add programs to? Well, Im waiting, none. This is the best thing since the invention of the home computer and even better because it fits right in your pocket. I have owned treo 755, blackberries, and everything in between and I wouldn’t own anything else. Before you decide to by a new phone, go to your local At&t dealer and take a few moments to use the iphone. At&t has working iphones in the store that you can play with, make phone calls and check your emails. Iphones ease of use is incredable, Unlike windows os or palm. If there is something about the iphone that you dont like, trust me there will be an update to make you happy before you know it. The iphone just keeps getting better and better every day, I wouldn’t own any thing else.

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