iPhone price drop complaint


I purchased my iphone last month, it’s been over 2 weeks, and I just found out today that the price is NOW $$200.00 CHEAPER??????? The phone has only been out for 10 weeks!!

I find this type of promotion for Mac to be deceitful to the customers who stood inline and purchased one when it came out!! I bought mine about 4 weeks after it’s debut, and If I had known the price was going to come down so soon, I would have waited. I thought the prices were not going to come down for at least 6months to a year. I feel cheated and taken advantage of.

I understand a $100 refund is being given to customers who bought it within 2 weeks of the price cut, well, that doesn’t cut it for the rest of us! For the price to have been cut so soon after it came out is outrageous.

I guarantee you, you have upset your biggest fans, “the people who rushed out and got it, no matter what the price” including myself, and I will not make this mistake again. I feel this was a huge mistake on your part, because the next time you come out with any kind of revolutionary device, customers will not be so quick and eager to rush out and get it, after the low blow you just pulled.


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  1. ruth says:

    Well, Steve, even Ellen Degeneris gave one young iPhone owner in her audience $200 because she felt so bad for the young lady who had been “taken.” Step up to the plate, Mr. Jobs, and return $200 to your, at least previously, devoted audience. Especially since you are only offeing Apple credit, $200 seems like the appropriate compensation, not the mere $100 credit. All the credit is going into your “pocket” anyway.

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