iPhone Price Drops, Steve Jobs Says Sorry


Steve Jobs from Apple offered compensation to people that bought the iPhone for 500$ or 600$. Apple reduces the iPhone price for 200$ and caused rage between iPhone owners that paid the full pride for their phones.

The new iPhone price for a 8Gb verison is now 399$ while the 4Gb version will not be produced anymore. This trigered a series of iPhone complaints from angry customers. So Steve Jobse decided to offer a 100$ coupon to everybody that paid the full price. Coupon can be used in any of the Apple stores.

Steve Jobs: ‘We are sorry if we dissapointed our customers, we will do everything to meet your high expectations.”

Will 100$ coupon be enought compensation for the 200$ iPhone price drop? It looks not, read the first hand complaint from one of the early iPhone Buyers.


  1. TitanDeGroot says:

    I think it will help. It is not about the price it is about the prestige. This is why people line up and buy it on the first day. Steve just slapped them in the face. People buy this kind of stuff because of the “it” factor. This in a sense is devaluing the “it” factor. That is what hurts.

  2. Dan says:

    True. But I think the problem is that usually the price drop in tech gadgets is connected to new technology, new models coming out… this time its just like that, out of the blue.

    I would say, OK now you have 16Gb iPhone that costs 600$ and sure, the 8Gb can be 400$…

  3. cristina says:

    i think it’s ridiculus that he already dropped the price on the iphone, i know, nobody twisted my arm to be one of the first to get one, the usual time frame of price dropping something new is from 6mos to 1yr! So in a way he more or less punished his loyal fans by taking $200 away from us, all of us who gave him his millions, just to throw it in our faces and drop the price within 2mos. What BS is that??? I think we should definitely be getting the $200 in a apple credit instead of the $100.

  4. Nokia says:

    You people should all just get Nokia N70, it’s way better than iPhone!

  5. ruth says:

    Well, Steve, even Ellen Degeneris gave one young iPhone owner in her audience $200 because she felt so bad for the young lady who had been “taken.” Step up to the plate, Mr. Jobs, and return $200 to your, at least previously, devoted audience. Especially since you are only offeing Apple credit, $200 seems like the appropriate compensation, not the mere $100 credit. All the credit is going into your “pocket” anyway.

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