Sell Old Cell Phones

New Cell Phone models come out almost every day. New features, longer lasting battery, new look… there are many reasons to get a new cell phone. Most of the people have more than on old cell phone at home lying around. Now there is a chance to Sell Old Cell Phones. How?

Believe it or not, there are over 100 million cell phones retired every year in the US alone! So how many are there altogether? Chances are most of your friends have an old cell phone or two they aren’t using and are collecting dust in some drawer. How many people sell old cell phones? Not many. And even more, this big pile of used cell phones is also a ecological problem because old cell phones must be properly recycled or they have negative impact on the environment.

So if you have an old cell phone you are not using you can now sell it, get some cash or help the environment at the same time! If your phone is still interesting, you will get a few bucks, if it is not it will get recycled for free.







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