Steve Jobs, give us a full iPhone refund!

We got another complaint, this time it is from ruth: “Well, Steve, even Ellen Degeneris gave one young iPhone owner in her audience $200 because she felt so bad for the young lady who had been “taken.” Step up to the plate, Mr. Jobs, and return $200 to your, at least previously, devoted audience. Especially since you are only offeing Apple credit, $200 seems like the appropriate compensation, not the mere $100 credit. All the credit is going into your “pocket” anyway.


  1. Wesley G says:

    I am a die hard Mac fan, but I am disappointed with my recent iphone purchase. I expected some basic capabilities such as streaming itunes from a shared library on my local network. I am also bummed that the iphone does not support the 5.8 GHZ 802.11n which my Airport extreme uses. Not being able to record video or audio makes the device useless for note taking. The lack of voice dialing makes driving with the iphone more hazardous than it has to be. I have not found a way to display my “To Do” list from iCal. I would not be surprised if this feature is missing from the iphone.
    The iphone has potential, but I am very upset with its actual capabilities.

  2. Candace says:

    I’ve had my iPhone for a week or so I’m not happy with the fact that apple gets to choose how u use ur phone for reasons unknown to me I guess for their own benefit u can’t download ring tones unless u emial them and then drag them to iTunes not cool no live wallpapers unless jailbroken can’t clip texts to ring tones soo not what I expected apple I really don’t want a phone that I have to hack to customize but the service is great and lots of cool apps but for all hype it’s really not that great

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