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iPhone Complaints

Since the launch of iPhone (and even before) there has been lots and lots of buzz surrounding the new Apple phone. Big expectations and hot discussions like always when it comes to Apple and Apple fans. High expectations and quite a high price left some people disappointed when they got their hands on their iPhones. […]

iPhone Complaints

It seems this site is not the only one complaining about the iPhone. Recently we found an interesting piece of statistics about searches related to iPhone. There are a few tools on the internet that give you a glimpes in what people are looking for using major search engines. If we try and find the […]

iPhone Price Drops, Steve Jobs Says Sorry

  Steve Jobs from Apple offered compensation to people that bought the iPhone for 500$ or 600$. Apple reduces the iPhone price for 200$ and caused rage between iPhone owners that paid the full pride for their phones. The new iPhone price for a 8Gb verison is now 399$ while the 4Gb version will not […]