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Steve Jobs, give us a full iPhone refund!

We got another complaint, this time it is from ruth: “Well, Steve, even Ellen Degeneris gave one young iPhone owner in her audience $200 because she felt so bad for the young lady who had been “taken.” Step up to the plate, Mr. Jobs, and return $200 to your, at least previously, devoted audience. Especially […]

iPhone Price Drops, Steve Jobs Says Sorry

  Steve Jobs from Apple offered compensation to people that bought the iPhone for 500$ or 600$. Apple reduces the iPhone price for 200$ and caused rage between iPhone owners that paid the full pride for their phones. The new iPhone price for a 8Gb verison is now 399$ while the 4Gb version will not […]

10 Funniest iPhone Videos

Funniest iPhone Video: Steve Jobs Presents iRack Using iPhone and driving? Not a good idea! You just got your first 300 page AT&T iPhone bill I am Mac parody Are out of ideas what to do with your iPhone? How to stalk people using iPhone An Ex-Balckberry Fan Do not mess with Steve Jobs! Will […]