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iPhone is the greatest thing ever invented

This iPhone review was written by a visitor to this website and represents his or hers opinion, not the opinion of this website. If you agree or disagree with this review you can it down below. Please stay polite :)! How long are you using your iPhone: 3 months it is the great3st thing ever […]

iPhone ringtones

The first thing people do when they buy a new phone is change their ringtone to express themselves, record a new one… Ever heard a cow ringtone, a child crying ringtone, a pick up ringtone,etc.. well, to bad iPhone has custom ringtones and you are stuck with the¬†¬†alert tones that you have. Lots of complaints […]

iPhone email complaint

You ttok some pictures and you want to send them to your friends emails. Well, you will have to send them one by one since you can only send one picture at a time in an email.