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2 Major iPhone Flaws

This iPhone review was written by a visitor to this website and represents his or hers opinion, not the opinion of this website. If you agree or disagree with this review you can it down below. Please stay polite :)! How long are you using your iPhone: 2 months 2 major flaws with the iPhone: […]

Two iPhone flaws: No voice dial and no document synchronization

Submitted complaint: “Two major flaws with the iPhone: no voice dial and no way to sync a document of any kind (even text) between the phone and your PC. I like the phone but without these capabilities its not very usable especially if you’re used to a pda.” Thanks to plf!

iPhone voice dial

Click. Mom. Tuuu…tuuu. That is not possible if you own a iPhone. iPhone has no voice dialing. Now I don’t see people using this feature a lot but ist standard in today phones. You pres just one button, tell the name of the person you want to call and the phone calls it for you. If […]