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How long are you using your iPhone: 1 week

iPhone model (3g,8Gb,16Gb…etc): 3GS 16gig

i tested the ipod touch and thought oh yeah, i’m gonna go for my first iphone.

at first i was in thrall. oh, precious! come to me thou shiny pretty thing.

then like a drunken sailor seduced by a shapeshifting crone, i sobered up and there she was in her true colours, sans teeth, sans eyes, sans hair, sans make-up, sans apps. sans contacts!?!?

okay, first of all the battery power is very poor if you use the phone for what it was designed for, use with 3G, WiFi, Push, apps, etc. if you turn everything off and leave it in the fridge it lasts longer.

then the apps i’d downloaded suddenly would not open. like a string attached to a dollar, they kept popping back out of my grasp. no big for the freebies but for the one’s i paid for, okay they offer a second, free download, but as this has already happened twice, i’m already out of pocket. teeef!

then horror of horrors, suddenly and without any warning all my contacts just disappeared!

350+ contacts. phone numbers. emails. a rating system perfected over years: good kissers, good huggers, they liked chocolate, they liked candy, they put out, were frosty, huba-huba-huba-huba-huba… (that’s five huba’s!)

joking aside, this was a total clamity. disaster!

vodafone just said: “you must have done something wrong”.

hello! say that again! i went for the biggest piece of emporers iclothing in the iworld of icrap!

yes, it is a lovely piece of kit. but like all the shiny but tinny xmas presents, it was broke by boxing day.

i’m sending mine back and getting a proper phone instead. i’ll keep the ipod touch for music, films, games, info and even email when i can’t be assed to use my laptop.

but the iphone?

shame on you apple! you have such a great reputation but this is worse than vista and almost as bad as toyota.

you know what they say: one bad apple…

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  1. D says:

    Thank you!!! I have not felt so unalone in sooo long! Everyone looooves this THING! I felt so alone and cheated..

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