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How long are you using your iPhone: less than a month

iPhone model (3g,8Gb,16Gb…etc): iPhone 4

I. HATE. This. Phone. I wanted an iPhone because I wanted a smartphone and I’m an avid Apple consumer. I live in a rural area where service isn’t very good, but my Motorola Razr had better service than this thing. It drops calls so much people are actually coming to my house if they need to ask me something! It barely even lasts a minute between calls. Also, it doesn’t sync with my MacBook. Why? Because I don’t have the latest iTunes. Why don’t I have the latest iTunes? Because I’m running Tiger and it won’t ALLOW the newest iTunes. I wanted an iPhone because I thought it would sync seamlessly with my laptop, but because I have a slightly older OS, it won’t sync at all! And I can’t even use Bluetooth unless I pay for it!

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. It’s not worth the aggravation. I wish I’d gotten an Android phone instead.

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  1. Veysel Ozan says:

    I do not like also the Itunes.

    Do not like to have 3G (3GS was much better… I mean, I bought 3G and then, it was so slow that I could not use it after the first year. But people are using their 3GS still and still fast..)

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